What is Star Citizen?

Spoiler: Eventually, The best game ever…and Maybe THE ‘Matrix’ I mean future Meta-Meta Verse

Discover The Universe

Squadron 42 Teaser

2021 Compelling SC Review

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Squadron 42 (Campaign) Full Cinematic Trailer


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Ships By Category

Starter Package

Game Package + Ship

Your first ship that lets you fly, experience the verse, and earn money to buy new ships

All Arounder

Jack of All Trade

Small to Medium Size – 
You can solo play and do it all well

Expensive Ships

More Specialized in one area

Small – Capital Class focused on doing certain roles VERY well / A specific career focused ship

Play with Friends

Try out ships that others have before you buy a ship in game or buy with real money.

Discover what type of game loops, missions, or experiences you enjoy the most

Remember: larger ships benefit or need larger crews