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Our Coaches

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Coach

David "StarrTouch" PhD(c), MA, LPC

David "StarrTouch" PhD(c), MA, LPC

Survivor To Hero ® Founder

Primary Specialty: Anxiety, Stress Mgmt., Productivity Improvement & Life Hacks.

Two Sub Specialties: Manic Depressive Coaching / Rebuilding After Trauma

– Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology

– M.A. in Community Counseling

– B.S. in Comm Studies & Psyc

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Jen’s Health and Wellness Coaching

Jen Elyse Feldman

Jen Elyse Feldman

Survivor To Hero ® Coach & JV Partner

Professional Model, Entertainer, and Actor

   – Certified in Holistic Health and Nutrition

   – Certified Trainer, Pilates, Group Fitness

   – B.A. in Psychology and Studio Art

Spiritual Growth Coach

Bethany Keith, LCSW

Bethany Keith, LCSW

Survivor To Hero ® Coach

Specialties: Transformational Coaching & Workshops

Full Moon Intentional Workshops

(Online and In-Person)

Chronic Pain, Gender Identity, LBGT Coach
Jay McCaughern-Carucci, PhD(c), RN

Jay McCaughern-Carucci, PhD(c), RN

Survivor To Hero ® Coach

Professor of Nursing 

Specialty: Food For Life – Transformational Coaching for Lifestyle Change.

– Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology

– B.S.N. in Nursing

– B.S.  in Biology

– B.S. in Psychology

Intimacy and Attachment Coach

Berna St. George, MA

Berna St. George, MA

Survivor To Hero ® Coach

Professional LGBT Cuddler (Boulder)

Specialty: Relationship building to foster deeper connections and balance in non-romantic and romantic relationships.

– M.A. in Somatic Counseling

– Specialization in Body Psychology

– Certificate in Full Stack Development

– B.A. in Philosophy

– Bear-Cuddle Serving (Snuggling) the LGBTQIA Community in Boulder

Wild Freedom and Empowerment
Megan Cruea, PhD

Megan Cruea, PhD

Survivor To Hero ® Coach

Professor of Psychology

SpecialtyTransformation Coaching and Education Around Women’s Health

– Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology

– M.S. in Psychology

– B.A. in Psychology

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