About David Anderson Ph.D.(c)

David "StarrTouch" Anderson

David is a highly credentialed professional and committed to a lifelong learner lifestyle. He shares his diverse professional background and experience to help people overcome adversity and strive to reach their potential. His diverse background brings a broad range of knowledge, experience, and tools to every challenge.

As an Executive Coach, Psychology Educator, Stress Consultant, Content Creator, and Professional Mentor he is passionate about personal development and humanistic psychology that empowers people to overcome adversity. He specializes helping clients make significant shifts to speed up the process of growth and measurable success.

When working with clients, David brings years of accrued knowledge, skills, and experience combined with out of the box thinking to help you discover novel and creative solutions. David has over seven years of clinical and coaching experience dealing with the most intensely personal and professional crisis. He has a keen insight into social dynamics and underlying cognitive processes. Additionally, he brings over a decade of experience working with technology to facilitate rapid growth and exponential success.