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Buyer Guide

The PREMIUM Gladiator NXT EVO Space Combat Edition and NXT EVO Omni Throttle

With VKB we are only recommending the Gladiator NXT EVO SERIES Modular System and T.Rudder Mkiv Pedal

Expensive things can still have good value if you use them often or daily

Your Hardware is your only physical interaction with the game

Choose Hardware FIRST, then fake ships @Noobifier

Premium – Gladiator NXT EVO ‘Space Combat Edition’ $165 USD

Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Throttle based on the Gladiator NXT EVO, it ships with a choice of SCG Premium Left or Right Grip with Omni Throttle Adapter (OTA) $175 USD

Our Recommendation

Get a pair $330 – 340 USD

Always get the Premium VKB SCE Stick config. These are the best starter sticks for the value. It has almost equal number of buttons as Virpil’s and works on a Desk.


Recommendation Cont.

Budget Option: A single SCE Premium or Omni for your throttle and us a HoSaM configuration $165 or 175 USD

If you can get HoSaS, duel setup with Omni and Premium SCE or Duel Premium SCE

Stand Alone Modules for Gladiator NXT EVO System (GNX-SEM and GNX-THQ)

Gladiator NXT Throttle Combos and Multi Function Holder (MFH)

Throttle Quadrant (THQ) and THQ-Vertical

Side Extention Module (SEM) and SEM-Vertical

Our Recommendation

If you choose to get a stand alone SEM or THQ to attach to your stick be sure to also get the Multi Function Holder (MFH) it adds stability and works great with game glass. Additionally you can add another module to the end of it if you want at another time.

You can get the combos already wired up to work without a controller. The individual stand alone modules need to be attached to the base unless you do an additional hardware called HID to allow that stand alone usb directly to the unit. 


T.Rudder Mkiv

Our Recommendation

If you want to add a more complex and interesting axis to your setup. These pedals are very nice. Virpil Released the Ace Torq Pedal which is just a bit more expensive but very similar. Check them both out. Note: these are the pedals that Avenger 1 uses.