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When you meditate you sit with “everything” all the good all the bad, all the feelings and thoughts. Sit with it, make friends with it, accept and love it. Love transmutes the fear, it makes sense of the confusion with patience and unconditional love. This unconditional love is a love for your SELF, and its true source is your higher-SELF. A transcendence of your ego, of your social programing, of your culture, of your belief systems, doubts, worries, hopes, dreams. You find the peace in BEing, just in the moment, in each breath new understanding of your higher-self becomes deeper and clearer.

Pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is optional. Meditation does not force the pain way way, in fact it brings it to the for front to be felt. The purpose of pain is a feedback mechanism to bring awareness to reduce or prevent further injury so that we may take care and heal.

When dealing with pain it comes in wave but as you feel it and let it be, and listen for the messages it has for you it can pass and never return, because you fully received the message. Should you block or push away the pain, you are telling it to return another day or time. This often happens when our emotional or physical defenses are low. This is not a bad thing, it just is, you were not ready. However, if you can find the courage and sit, to connect with your breath and listen to the quiet and deep voice with-in. You may find peace even in the pain, and learn the greater message.

Healing is a choice, it can happen in a moment or over time. A clean conscious by doing your best now, being accountable to your heart. Do the best you can now, be patient with yourself and understanding of others. The simple truth is that we don’t change until we’ve suffered enough. If you are ready to embrace your new life, your true authentic happiness, you can start today.

There is nothing magic about it. Just take a few slow deep breaths, close your eyes and ask your higher self, what message it has for you. When you receive the answer take action.  Step by step your life will improve, your thoughts will become more fluid and able to be more positive. You will begin to believe in your SELF and the answers it gives you.

With love and light my friends.