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I’m going to try something new. Finding time to blog never been easy. However I feel that with all the changes going on recently probably time I started again.

One of the great blessings of my life is that I get to meet so many different people in so many different search situations of life circumstances. I’ve noticed recently in the last few months that many people are going through a lot of challenges with relationships a lot of challenges with unforeseen life circumstances just kicking the crap out of them. And my heart has gone out to these folks and I’ve been inspired by the character and struggled that witnessed. Sometimes things happen like that definitely are not fair or not easy and we are given a challenge or task that we don’t know if we can do; However it is in those times and in those moments when we are tested that we begin to realize how strong we really are deep inside. Ironically it’s not that we don’t know we have strength it’s that we fully don’t embrace this knowledge is a reality until we see it demonstrated and reflect upon the tragedy or the hardships.

Recently I decided to start journaling again. I’ve stopped because I noticed my journal was just a bunch of bad things and negative comments and that I would only write in my journal when I was feeling sad or upset and needed some place to vent. And while that was very helpful for my psyche in the moment when I reflected I realized I didn’t have many positive things recorded. Hadn’t taken time to reflect upon the positive things and write them down in this document of posterity. And when I realized was that as I took a moment and looked at all of these negative situations that I’ve been through I could now write the positive outcomes. I can write down how I grown, I could write down the lessons that I learned along the way and how it changed. Sometimes a severe new journal entry that wouldn’t necessarily make sense, and other times I would go back and just add a little addendum to it.

No matter what challenges you’re going through I like to think of this idea because it makes me feel better that God never gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes also say to myself I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. Now my spiritual beliefs aside I find this idea can be helpful because it breaks limitation of the problem it creates an opportunity to see into the future that there is a version of us they got past this problem that survived it. And hopefully learn to transcendence and evolved. To me love and compassion or spiritual traits that everyone happens where everyone is capable of having.

And so I just want to encourage you that if you are struggling today that if you were feeling you are facing a problem but you don’t know how you can overcome or succeed there are people out there believe in you. I am one of those people the sees the potential in others and helps coach them through it. Or rather I help people see the truth is been there in front of the book they been too close or too afraid to knowledge. Sometimes it’s like the artist who sees the sculpture or the painting inside the blank canvas or uncut marble. As we need people to believe in us because we are afraid that were not good enough. And that person’s willpower that person’s belief in this and make all the difference.

So I have a challenge for you if you are struggling and you are just not able to believe in yourself right now then look around and see who also might be struggling and try believing in them and letting them know that you believe they can do it. You don’t have to have the answers you just need to see the person’s potential and earnestly and honestly let them know in no uncertain terms that they can get through this trial and tribulation. But the outcome may not be exactly what they’re desiring right now but that it will help them grow it will help them become better and they are going to be stepping into their greatest dreams, hopes and achievements. Most importantly let them know that they are not alone. As you do this you will start to realize that as you help others you help yourself, as you believe in others your own strengths are revealed to you and most importantly you build a community of support that forever reminds you that you are not alone. You will get through this this is just a difficult moment in the life that can be very beautiful fuel allow it to be. Choose the path that will reward you the greatest, help you grow as a person, and show compassion to the world.

I’m now using some voice recognition software and I also intend to begin to create videos and some chickens and inspirational content. If you’d like you can friend me on Facebook David StarrTouch you get access to some of my inspiring messages and to send me a quick message so that I know you’re not a spambot. And like our survivor zero page as many or all of our inspiring messages will be eventually moved over here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog I wish you the most beautiful peace and blessings and great successes on your journey.


David “StarrTouch” Anderson