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A year ago I was in paradise with the flu. I recall the very moment I began to feel it hit my system. I was in Maui sitting on a beach taking in the breath taking ocean and sunset. I was praying in a way, meditating on the essence of molecule of that moment. I asked the universe for direction and help, I felt stuck in my life an enormous pressure that I was supposed to be doing more. I knew in my heart that more was with Survivor To Hero ® and helping other survivors heal and start living life with the full richness and joy that I now experience.

The very night of this prayer and insightful moment I started getting sick, and on my birthday it was a full-blown flu. I spent the next couple days in bed or lying on a lounge chair on the beach, covered up and breathing in the experience. It was my first time to Hawaii and I could feel the significance of energy and reflection taking place.

Upon returning to Washington D.C., I enrolled myself in my own Reboot your life program and started taking myself through the steps of practical rediscovery and action. After completing the visioning exercise I knew a Ph.D. was in my future and I started exploring what that meant. Later in the year the perfect Ph.D. found me, ironically I now realize that this was just the universe giving me the opportunity to return to my true calling, to be with you here at Survivor To Hero ® and walk the talk with you. Taking action and further evolving my own hero story. After all life is a journey the adventure only ends when we pass on to the next world. ☺

I look forward to playing with you this year and the adventures we will inevitably share together.