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For me the day started with a conclusion and new day in understanding in a relationship, a conversation about an Animal Sanctuary non-profit which I will be a founding board member, and amazing yoga class that worked out the cold weather kinks and challenged students to a new place while letting go of things that didn’t serve them. And time well spent with a friend and colleague.

What is the central theme to this wonderful day? The answer is, Community.

It is chilly and rainy outside, but the day moves on. While working out of a coffee shop my friend and I kept each other company catching up on the little details of work that sometimes slip into life.

I enjoyed watch my friend, a Hero work so diligently to share her life passion and mission. This last week a yoga client of mine told me how influential this speaker who spoke about Mental Health issues and his story was to her teens. She said her teens rarely tell her anything about school but they BOTH at separate times sought her out to share how inspirational and amazing his story was. Little did my client know that the person who organized this amazing speaker, is my friend and Joint Venture Partner, at the Josh Anderson Foundation.

The world is very big yet also very small, when we start working toward a goal that is in alignment with our hearts, a powerful intention is set and new connections, inspirations and opportunities show up.

REMEMBER: Anything is possible, all inventions, tools and creations begin as a thought and grow in the imagination. IT is only later that we begin to write down, draft and design the physical manifestation.

If you want something, if you want to be someone more, if you want to achieve something you must first imagine yourself having it, being it, or have done it.

20130223-174550.jpgThis is not mystical science, every credible psychologist and neuroscientist will tell you that the subconscious is very powerful. As you begin to play with imagination, day-dreams, and stories you begin to create. Creation is what life is about and while some people get caught up in the destruction, i urge and challenge you to look for the creative moments in life to focus your energies. When you do MAGIC begins to happen!

Today is a wonderful day. Today is a day of magic!