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Sending prayers love and light to all those in Connecticut.

I was talking with Jordan Burnham the other night before one of his speaking events, Amazing guy btw, and he was sharing how Mental Health Awareness in schools was so absent until 2008, and shootings started to wake people up for the great need of prevention, awareness and inspiration. His talks to teens has helped open doors to help that otherwise would have been closed. His story is a miracle yet his humble nature allow his message to be heard, felt and fully received by youth in dire need of hope and support.

Every abuser, murderer was once a troubled person that somehow never got help healing their own pains. This senseless violence MUST STOP, and we have to together as a people, the human race, start rising up with love and compassion and having conversations about the feelings that are not pretty and happy. The real issues that are bothering children and teens can grow into a horrible void of pain.

Every time a child or a teen willfully hurts themselves or another it is a mushroom cloud cry for help. It means we have missed something…that feelings and thoughts have moved to place that no longer are easy to reconcile and that child or teen needs help. Yesterday, but now will suffice if we show love, compassion and gratitude for the being that person is and can become. Love is the the most powerful healer, and while it cannot bring back your lost precious loved ones it can help us heal and make a difference.

My joint venture partner Lauren Anderson lost her brother to Suicide. She later turned that pain into a BURNING DESIRE to bring mental health awareness to high schools. Lauren and I were connected by a wonderful divine synchronicity. A yoga student in my class was the former PTA and recognized that Lauren and I had complimentary passions. I donate 10% of all my personal program profits to the Josh Anderson Foundation (JAF), and support every endeavor of theirs that I can.

Children and teens are our future. And if you want to start to help them before issues arise, you have to look in the mirror…because YOU are the model they see. If you are not healing from your pain, if you are not having honest and loving conversations with people in your life that are hurting then you are teaching your children to live in silence. That silence kills as we witnessed today. Very rarely is the teen who got help a mass murderer. The teens that are lost to, ‘oh they are fine’ are the ones that break and seek a way out.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost someone today and in the past. I can only imagine your pain but I can promise that one day you will see your loved one again.

If you don’t believe this right now that is ok , Read Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. a scientific case for the afterlife. You will find hope by the end.

If I can be of any service to the victims of this event, please let me know.

With the Deepest Love and Light,

David “StarrTouch” Anderson.