"Communicating with you always makes my mind clear again. I appreciate so much of your advice and feedbacks! Thank you again, I am much more focused"

Maribeth Jaklik Founder and Coach at Coaching For Humanity

"David is a champion of people as well as one of the most generous people around. He puts his heart and soul into his work which is evident to all those around him. He is a pleasure and delight to work with!"

Camille Scielzi Service Coordinator by day, Entrepreneur by night: best selling personal growth author, coach, mastermind facilitator.

"David easily inspires the Hero in each of us to surface because when you are in his presence you can't help but put your best self forward. His ability to listen deeply, extract your concern, and then provide an astute observation for action is amazing!"

Devi Prem, Seven Sacred Rhythms Coach and Trainer, Mount Shasta, CA 

"Feels like you gave me a missing piece in my personal integration puzzle."

Maya H. Maya H., Washington D.C.

“David’s inherent warmth, compassion, and sincerity shine through his teachings like a ray of light breaking through storm clouds. Any opportunity to study with him or to receive the gift of his services should not be missed.”

Linda G. Linda G., Ashburn, VA

“ Through his professional work in yoga and meditation, David Anderson radiates a natural, calming presence that made me feel comfortable working with him from the very first session. I felt like I could talk to him about anything without feeling judged or condemned to my dilemmas. David helped me set a vision and come up with solutions with an action plan for my career. I highly recommend David for anyone going through a life challenge or transition! ”

Shara R. Shara R., Washington, D.C.

“ David you have been a terrific listener, you have a way of putting me at ease when talking about my personal struggles, especially when I’m at a point in my adult life where I am making life-changing decisions such as getting married, strengthening my relationship, career aspirations, ambitions, self care and figuring out what I want to get out of this life. Thank you so much for listening to me, after our last session, I felt a lot better and had found clarity when I needed it most. ”

Tiffany C. Tiffany C., New York, NY

” David has long been a friend and confidant, but his coaching services have been invaluable to me. I’ve been going through chaotic life experiences and tons of changes, but have been taking it all in stride with David’s assistance. He is attentive and focused, not to mention caring and patient, during sessions. He easily puts on his “coaching hat” and gives you the power to make your own decisions and changes. His encouragement and support has been incredibly beneficial, and I am continuously grateful for his time! “

Rebekka B. Rebekka B., Twin Falls, ID

“ I was at a seriously very dark place in my life when I was contacted by David. We have known each other as high school acquaintances and good friends but I hadn’t heard from him in quite awhile (since he had moved across the United States). He had been meditating and a picture of my face came to him to contact me. I was in shock to learn of this because I had been praying for an answer to quite a few issues I had been dealing with. David was able to lift my energy level through his coaching in a very short period of time that I was blown away! I have nothing to say but the best things about such a wonderful friend who would help in a time of need when I needed it the most! I went on to learn more about what he helps with in his coaching and found this is exactly what I needed to get me through my struggles with weight loss and depression. What an answer to prayer! ”

Kate L., (Name changed to protect confidentiality), Miami, FL

“ David is truly an amazing Coach and working with him has been a very rewarding experience. He is a patient and attentive listener, who shares his clear insights in a caring, soothing, straight-forward and non-judgmental manner. His genuine compassion and desire to help others is obvious when you work with him. David has a vast knowledge base and is very skilled in his methods of helping people to achieve their own personal success. Thank you so much David
for helping me GO FORWARD!! ”

Karen D.

“ If ever David were to live in an imaginary world, people would just see who he really is. Because his imagination is his biggest asset. He makes the things he survived seem like nothing and the people he saves come to life. Imagine what he could do for you?! Even if you can’t, just trust him to tell you and all you need to do is be willing to tell him what you want. He does not seek power, he seeks a better world… the one he so strongly holds on to every single day. Courage takes on a different form, so be sure not to miss it. He might change your life, as do we all, yet not in his genuinely committed way. Good luck, Mr. Anderson! ”

Karen D., -- Belgium

Please note that due to the discretionary requirements and privacy concerns that many of our clients possess, only a handful of testimonials are offered here to demonstrate the various experiences individuals have expressed after working with David. However, these are not a complete reflection of the diverse scope of work in which Survivor To Hero operates.