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On September 7th 2017 Survivor To Hero relaunched as a media broadcast, education, and coaching company. In truth, this was the intended mandate when we incorporated. However, as many of you may relate to the phrase. We bit off more than we could chew. It was a great Idea but David was over extended. Now that he is nearing the final stage of His PHD his heart jumped back into action.

You will find the Facebook Survivor To Hero page alive and active again. We have added new YouTube channels in which we will be posting video podcasts, Informational Videos, Tutorials, Product reviews, and Feature visionary leaders with powerful missions in the personal development communities. The biggest changes to the Survivor To Hero business model is that we will be providing information for free and generate revenue mostly from your support when you click links of products reviewed. Some supplementary revenue will be generated from our merchandise store (Survivor To Hero Swag), YouTube/Google Ad revenue, and various consulting projects.

David will also be available live on Twitch so you can hang out, be entertained, and ask questions.
The new website for Survivor To Hero is under construction but the majority of content will be posted on various social media platforms. Check out the blog for new stories and on going updates of how Survivor To Hero is evolving to meet the needs of the current markets.

Most Common Question: Will David still work with clients one to one?
A: Yes! David will be working with select clients one to one. Keep an eye out for the new 1 to 1 offerings that are coming soon.

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