Psychology Doctoral Research on Post Traumatic Growth and PLM

The traumatic experience must have occurred two years ago or more.

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  • Those who complete the study are entered into a raffle for one of several amazon gift cards. You will also have an option for your scores to be sent to you after the study completes.
  • There is one clarification below that may be helpful before beginning the survey

This study is examining post-traumatic memory by using low to non-triggering post-traumatic growth scores.  Additionally, While the survey will ask about having a past-life memory this is not a requirement. Sorting questions are simply used for comparative scoring /coding purposes that support a richer data analysis.

Please feel free to skip any not required question if you don't feel comfortable answering.

The research is conducted using a questionnaire and two brief measurement surveys that measure Post Traumatic Growth. This survey should only take about 10-15 minutes (Many did it in 8 minutes).

Feedback from participants thus far:

  1. Many have said they learned a lot about themselves and that they enjoyed the survey.
  2. Some of the initial questions are confusing (Unfortunately now that survey has started I can't fix those, I will do better next time. 🙂

Once a participant has completed the survey they are automatically entered into the raffle.

PRIVACY - Your privacy is protected and your name and any other identifying information are only used for the informed consent and ethical requirements in case you wished to be removed from the study at any time for any reason. Identifying information will not be included in the analysis or published results.

SAFETY - This study uses a safety screening question to ensure people are stable enough to take the survey. After the safety questionnaire, it sorts candidates into the appropriate groups and qualified for the study. The study measures experiences of a trauma that occurred 2 years ago or more, to ensure that enough time has passed to allow for integration and post-traumatic growth. Identifying information is collected because it is required to by the IRB/Ethics Board to ensure that a person can have themselves removed from the study at any time for any reason.

The Institutional Review Board at Sofia University, formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, approved this research. If you have any questions or concerns please contact David Anderson at the contact information listed on the flyer or contact information provided in the ad.

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Origins of this research

I the researcher, David, became interested in PTG while studying positive psychology at Sofia University. As a trauma survivor myself and as a clinician completing my clinical license requirements in Boulder Colorado I was immersed in curiosity of how this concept showed up in the lives of survivors. I also stumbled across a Harvard study regarding Past Life Memory that explored the concept for a social cognitive perspective. I decided to explore this further by combining these two different topics for my dissertation. 

What is Post Traumatic Growth: UNC Charlotte, a leader in Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) Research, describes as follows: " It is positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event. Although we coined the term posttraumatic growth, the idea that human beings can be changed by their encounters with life challenges, sometimes in radically positive ways, is not new. The theme is present in ancient spiritual and religious traditions, literature, and philosophy. What is reasonably new is the systematic study of this phenomenon by psychologists, social workers, counselors, and scholars in other traditions of clinical practice and scientific investigation." More can be read about it here:

How this research was modeled: David is conducting research on traumatic memory modeled after a Harvard based Study ( doi:10.1016/j.paid.2011.02.012 ) that investigated Past Life Memories and found significant differences in death anxiety and a greater sense of well being between groups. He has a strong interest in traumatic memory, post-traumatic growth, and investigating potential therapeutic effects of Past Life Memory using the socio-cognitive model employed in several Harvard studies. It is possible that PLM may have some therapeutic effectiveness at reducing the impact trauma has on peoples lives despite not understanding the cognitive mechanisms, similar to how EMDR is effective but without understanding at how it works in the brain. This research is a simple investigation to explore differences in post-trauma growth scores in populations of people who Report PLM and this who do not.


David Anderson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology at Sofia University. His concentration is in Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience. David is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and has worked for 5 years in a clinical crisis setting (emergency rooms and ICU) conducting psychiatric evaluations. David is a certified professional coach and founder of Survivor To Hero®. To further his understanding of the Past Life Memory(PLM) field, David has also studied under and been certified by Psychiatrist Brian Weiss, MD author of the popular book Many Lives, Many Masters.

ABOUT SOFIA UNIVERSITY - Sofia University ( is a private university and regionally accredited by WASC and located in Palo Alto, California. Sofia University is formally known as the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and was founded in 1975. The university offers both research and clinical graduate programs in psychology at the masters and doctoral level. Sofia University’s Institutional Research Board (IRB) otherwise known as the Ethics Review Board, has approved this study and believes that there is minimal risk to participants.

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