The Survivor To Hero ® Philosophy

Survivor To Hero ® Helping You ROCK Your Hero Story!

Our mission is to promote healthy growth and change adverse experiences into a growth opportunity, to combat mental health stigma. We educate, coach, and entertain utilizing diverse forms of media about a variety of psychology topics including but not limited to: positive psychology, cultural psychology, humanistic psychology, social psychology, and applied cognitive neuroscience.

CURRENTLY: Survivor To Hero ® has re-launched as an education and coaching company through media broadcast. This is to be accomplished via live streaming, audio and video recordings through a variety of platforms such as: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and Twitter.

The Philosophy In Practice

The philosophical underpinnings of Survivor To Hero ® are grounded in positive psychology, existentialism, humanistic psychology, and further informed by Joseph Cambell's life-long work on the Heros Journey. We apply these abstract ideas through the lenses of personal development and empowerment. Coaching, psycho-education, leadership training, and mentorship.

Today in our fast-paced modern information age people experience daily adversity, complex situations and compounding stress, which often yield a range of traumas, health, and other mental health issues. We combat this through a transformational integrated approach to wellness which, once installed returns a sense of control, autonomy, and builds resilience against future traumas. Many emerge from these experiences with profound strength and passion and a sense of purpose to help others. We aim to support this community and share the many tools that applied positive psychology has to offer.

It is the core belief that Todays Survivors can become the Heroes of Tomorrow. To further support that ideal we seek empower people with compassion, love, and creative content through a wide range of media so that those heroes can change the world. We know you can be such a hero because you already have a hero story inside that is yearning to help you thrive.

finallogooutlineA central part of the Survivor To Hero ® philosophy is equality.

Rather than Us versus Them approach it has been proven time and again that people are more alike than different, yet the differences are sensationalized, objectified, and often vilified to create a dramatic contrast of in-group versus out-group. The founder David StarrTouch believes that Gender Equality is one of the first steps of Hero Training.

Breaking down the gender myths of the hero story empowers both men and women to support each other in mutually respectful and collaborative ways. Similarities are recognized, and differences are both respected and appreciated. Everyone can bring something special to the table. Survivor To Hero ® believes that all humans are created equal regardless of gender, race, or creed.

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