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Jordan Burnham is a Suicide attempt survivor that had a lot going for him. Good looking, popular guy in school, great student athlete and then depression struck. I had an amazing opportunity to listen to Jordan’s story and meet him in person. He should have died but didn’t and now he shares his story with teens to help raise awareness about mental health issues. Jordan is living his hero story and turning something that was negative into a positive.

Lauren Anderson of the Josh Anderson Foundation (JAF), who is also my joint venture partner, is also a Survivor turned Hero. She survived the loss of her brother via suicide and transformed her loss into an opportunity to help others. She came to schools with a passionate and burning desire to raise mental health awareness, support and resources for teens. Both of these amazing individuals were effected by grief loss and depression on the opposite side of the coin and worked together to create opportunities for teens to seek help and talk, rather then suffer in silence.

Watch this brief video clip below: