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I want to introduce you to my dear friend Honi Borden. Honi has inspired me with her amazing light since the moment we first met! I have yet to meet anyone with the power and passion of love actively flowing through her being.

Watch this video and meet Honi as she shares her amazingly true story about how she became a superhero.
She has turned this fantastic memoir into a book that helps adults and children work through trauma.
I recommend this book to EVERYONE. And your don’t be surprised if the little ones begin to fly around the house and tap into the their imaginations.

Honi is a gifted healer, mesmerizing  speaker, has her own Eco-friendly cosmetics line (Holeco) and a spirit so bright sometimes regular cameras capture images of her powerful aura shining! (I am not even kidding 😀 ) Watch this video and meet the woman who believed in me and my mission. 🙂

Check out Honi’s new book here!