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Happy Valentines Day, and in case you have not been told this today, I love you!

Granted it isn’t a romantic love, it is something even more universal and powerful. I love you as the person you ARE and the person you have the potential to become.

I once was arguing with my philosophy professor about love, that there are a million different kinds of love, and not one description can do it justice.

On Valentines Day people so often feel alone, lost or unloved. Yes most of us dream of having the hollywood magic of love fantasy, but the reality that our heart truly seeks is to be seen, understood, and accepted for what is right now.

Survivor To Hero would like to celebrate you today and remind you that you are loved, valued and worthy of love. If that inner-critic voice shows up and tells you that you don’t deserve love, or you are not worth it, remind yourself that is just an old story from a pain in the past that you are working through and moving on from.

There is a Native American story where a wise elder is teaching a young brave that we all have two-wolves inside of us. One wolf is full of anger, greed, war and impatience the other is full of love, compassion, sensitivity and kindness. The young brave asks the elder which wolf wins?

The elder answered: The one that you feed.

If you want love, your job is to start to tell yourself that you are lovable, worthing and damn sexy! 🙂

The story you tell yourself over and over sticks with you when your not paying attention, it replays in the back of your mind. This story effects your body language, the tone of your voice, your posture, facial expression and over-all energy.

So start today, start telling yourself that you are special (it’s true), you are lovable (hey I just told you I loved you), you are talented and can do amazing things (I know this is true I meet people constantly who believe they are talentless and hopeless and after a few minutes I can Identify a bunch of talents and skills they have), and you can change your life TODAY and make it be something wonderful!

With much Love and Light I wish you the most amazing and beautiful valentines day. Step up into your hero story, and embrace your love and do something for you today and maybe even tell someone you love how special they are!

=D avid “StarrTouch” Anderson