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Hello friends I am returning from my technology hiatus and deep personal reflection.

During my time away I visited family whom I haven’t seen in over 2 years. During that time they had the opportunity to experience me being my new me…the me that showed up after my great personal healing and growth. It was a profound experience for me to witness as I noticed each family member start to let go of old stories and become more present about where they want to go now. In the past my family experiences motivated me to find direction in my own life, so that I would not repeat their mistakes; thus choosing to learn through observation and reflection. I am so grateful to share that I have had the opportunity to learn through inspiration, love and gratitude for my family during this last visit.

Like many Americans, my families financial world fell apart and the world they new changed over-night. In the face of this change my Father and Mother chose to find an opportunity. It was the first time that we have all had time available to spend with each other so we took our 2nd ever, real family vacation. This vacation was transformational for me personally because I needed time to deeply reflect on my life and work, reflections that I will share shortly below. Most of us got sick on the vacation but we all remained in positive spirits. Before my very eyes I witnessed a family that normally always focuses on the negative, consciously choose to look for positives in the situation. It was as if the Survivor To Hero® philosophy had been programmed into their airplane boarding passes and some how sneaked into their attitude when they walked off the plane. I am especially proud of my family and if they read this, I want to express my deep admiration for their beautiful souls, actions and efforts to truly BE.

Conclusions of my Reflections

My work the last two years has been synergistic and evolved with my own journey. I have worked with clients in many different capacities, developed programs, taught yoga and been party to a wonderful Wellness Community in the Washington DC area. Leaving the counseling world I had a deep desire to create programs and stepping stones for those still in their victim story to transcend and start living from their Hero story, but my hearts passion has always been longing to support the heroes of this world, with my gifts and tools. From that realization I began to rebuild my website and shift my primary energies.

Program Changes

Survivor To Hero™ will still be offering Self-Help programs such as the Awakened Hero Series, The Self-Reboot, Meditation Library, and College Success Secrets. However we will be focusing our Live Events, like Group Coaching, Retreats and Workshops to help the Heroes of the world. The most exciting and profound change is the launch of the Hero Leadership Program, which will be different every offering depending on topics of interest yet still have the foundation approach of preparing the Hero to Walk the Talk and take Action NOW! 😀 I will be offering this program for the original price point it was designed due to the results I have consistently witnessed when my clients and clients of my colleagues invest in themselves.

Working with my One to One Clients

I am teaching meditation to a remarkable individual that is a brand specialist who started asking me some interesting questions about my time and goals. Being a professional change expert the sound of questions made when they resonated in my heart was unmistakable. The outcome of this event is that I will be making time in my schedule to accommodate at 5 new Personal Consulting clients at this time.

The term Personal Consulting is an inclusive term which I feel best describes the Personal and Professional Development work I am feeling called to help clients with. As you may or may not know about my skills or talents it can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • I have a Masters in Community Counseling and a National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • I am a Certified Professional Coach and I am a Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Highly skilled at being in the moment, holding sacred space to deal with the emotions at hand and helping clients come up with a plan of action based on his or her values. I act as your coach, cheerleader, co-strategist, accountability buddy and personal confidant for all kinds of life events or issues.
  • My diverse training helps me compartmentalize the issues with you. We don’t do counseling work, we do action work. Yes validating emotions and issues as they arise, but in my opinion understanding the past is secondary to being happy in the present and feeling positive about ones future. Should a clinical counseling issue arise I am very qualified and very happy to work with clients to find the appropriate service provider.

I am breaking down the way I work with clients into the following ways:

  • Standard Personal Consulting: Sessions are conducted  over the phone or via skype for flexibility to schedules and allow greater client access.
  • VIP Personal Consulting: In-person visit for 5-8 hours a day for 1-3 days depending on agreement. This also includes 3 x weekly check-in sessions for that month for continued support or preparation.
  • Helper Consulting: Service for coaches, helpers, healers and yogis to create leveraged programs or to enhance their offerings.

As of the time of this posting we have 5 clients slots available, and an additional 2 slots can be made available for VIP’s if given 2 weeks notice.

If you are interested in working with me, David, directly please visit

our Personal Consulting area and call for a free consultation today!