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Wellness Coaching & Consulting

We offer single or series of intensive coaching and consulting with an individuals or teams for both personal development and crisis support. Intensive sessions to assess, collaborate, identify immediate clear and decisive forward action, and an action plan that builds sustainability to achieve optimal results. We offer consults and coaching in-person, over the phone, skype, zoom, and etc.

Coaching For Bipolar

Executive Coaching For Those With Bipolar - Exclusively offered by David. Bipolar coaching specialty to help those with Manic Depressive disorder avoid life interruptions from hospital stays. We help to you ride safely ride highs with peak-performance coaching and wellness focused check-ins and also support enduring the lows. This is a fail safe that can be paid for tax free by health savings plans.

Disclaimer - This service is falls under the category of wellness and performance coaching and is no way mental health treatment. David's clinical experience is used to provide professional referrals only if absolutely necessary. One of the central goals of this service is to help clients reduce or avoid the financial burden and life interruptions of inpatient hospital stays. This is custom coaching program.

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Single Intensive Session: $500 or

$2000 for 6  Sessions over Three Months

(Blocked Out: 2 Hour Minimum Session) 

Packages have (Limited Spots) and do not reflect a hourly rate.

David also helps people get setup with technology: training, advice, and referrals. Thus, use the general consult if you need to book at tech help session as well.

All Offers Require Significant Personal Commitment To The Process

IMPORTANT NOTE: All services offered are non-clinical and fall under categories of coaching, wellness, consulting, education, and mentor retainer, as such they are NOT billable through insurance. However they can be paid for through a tax-free health savings account.

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Meet Our Coaches


When you work with us, you will not be getting another helping professional at an hourly rate. You will be gaining over 33 collective years higher education, professional training in psychology, communication, wellness, change, and personal growth. Most importantly our expertise will help you level up your life.


Disclaimer: None of the above services offered by Survivor To Hero ® or Get Help Now LLC are classified or considered psychotherapy. While David is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado, he strictly works with clients outside of the ER in a non-clinical capacity. Any and all clinical requests will be referred to an appropriate resource. These service offerings ARE IN NO WAY associated with mental health treatment.


If this is an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room or clinical crisis center.

If you live in Colorado, and are in crisis right now, you can call the Crisis Intervention Crisis Line (24 HR) 1-844-493-TALK (8255). The Boulder, CO use the Walk-In Crisis Clinic. The staff there are compassionate, kind, and well trained.

24-Hour Walk-In Center and Crisis & Addictions Services
3180 Airport Road
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Walk-In Crisis Phone: 1-844-493-TALK

For Boulder, CO Addictions/Detoxification Phone: 303-441-1281

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