1 On 1 Coaching with David

Reduce Anxiety and Improve Productivity

Personal Development To Transform Your Story

Is anxiety holding you back? Are you ready to feel, heard, seen, and start living a life you love?


“ Through his professional work in yoga and meditation, David Anderson radiates a natural, calming presence that made me feel comfortable working with him from the very first session. I felt like I could talk to him about anything without feeling judged or condemned to my dilemmas. David helped me set a vision and come up with solutions with an action plan for my career. I highly recommend David for anyone going through a life challenge or transition! ”


Linda G.

Project Manager, Ashburn, VA

“Communicating with you always makes my mind clear again. I appreciate so much of your advice and feedbacks! Thank you again, I am much more focused”


Student, Toranto, Canada

Thank you David. My sleep schedule and productivity has been way better since talking to you !

Max D.

Software Developer, Los Angeles, USA

” David has long been a friend and confidant, but his coaching services have been invaluable to me. I’ve been going through chaotic life experiences and tons of changes, but have been taking it all in stride with David’s assistance. He is attentive and focused, not to mention caring and patient, during sessions. He easily puts on his “coaching hat” and gives you the power to make your own decisions and changes. His encouragement and support has been incredibly beneficial, and I am continuously grateful for his time! “

Tiffany C.

Advocate, New York, NY

Goal Setting

Providing professional support and accountability to help you identify your goals and efficiently achieve them.


Crisis and Stress Management Coaching

When something in your life goes SuperNova it can feel overwhelming and hard to respond. I can help you with that.

Anxiety Management

Anxiety can increase  stress and health issues. I help professionals and executive manage anxiety to achieve in both personal and professional lives.

Career Advice

On average people change their jobs 12 times or more in their lifetime. I can help support you in transitions and find a new path that feels in alignment.

“Feels like you gave me a missing piece in my personal integration puzzle.”

Devi Prem

Seven Sacred Rhythms Coach, Mount Shasta, CA

My Approach

I use positive psychology, motivational coaching techniques, years of yogic wisdom, and my own calming way of being to help you succeed.

Each session I will meet you were you are that day. Together you and I will create a simple and easy to implement plan for the week. I will teach you some tools right away to help you start to feel better, and you will discover what works and what doesn’t. The coaching  tools are tailored to fit your personality and way of being; While I help you integrate calmer and more efficient processes into your lifestyle.


“ David you have been a terrific listener, you have a way of putting me at ease when talking about my personal struggles, especially when I’m at a point in my adult life where I am making life-changing decisions such as getting married, strengthening my relationship, career aspirations, ambitions, self care and figuring out what I want to get out of this life. Thank you so much for listening to me, after our last session, I felt a lot better and had found clarity when I needed it most. ”


Social Worker, Washington, DC

How It Works

Schedule a 1:1 brief consultation.

In a consolation we will discus issues that inspired you to seek coaching and if we are the right fit to work together on your challenges.



Choose a Coaching Plan

There are many different packages available that could meet your needs. I offer 1 – 6 month coaching packages. The more significantly you commit to the time and process the better the value!

Are experiencing a significant life-spike and need an intensive coaching ASAP? Please Crisis Management Session Below

Work On Your Goals

Life is full of adversity and Survivor To Hero® is about embracing the challenge and moving beyond survivorship and walking the path or your personal Hero Story. This can be struggle or it can be a fun challenge. We will work on your goals and build positivity into your life while we do it!


Hourly Single Session Rate

(Quasar Star Package)

 This is a general hourly for sessions and consultations, all services that fall outside the below packages fall in this category. This can be a great option if you just want to try out coaching and get some guidance or mentorship.


2 Hour Only Crisis Management Session (SuperNova Package)

In two hours I can help support and ground you and create a plan  will walk away with the plan to help you get through the crisis.

**(One more additional hour is avail if needed for an additional $277; Thus a maximum of 3 Hour Intensive Session for $832)



More Details

Before a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel you need to have a plan to get through rally the strength to meet the adversity you are facing. Even professionals get overwhelmed at need some help. I will collaborate with you so you walk away with a plan of how to start navigating and addressing this challenging moment.

Red Star – 4 / 8 Week Coaching Package

This tier Includes:

– 1 emergency session (15 minutes) each month

– 1 email / text check-in each month

– Additional sessions are $303/Hr for the duration of the package

This package is for those are looking to improve their daily lives and integrate lifestyle changes that will make them happier and more effective in living the story of her or his best self. The pace of progress is organic and I support my clients agenda as we discover what works best in their world. 



More Details

Transforming Patterns: If you are ready to change and willing to commit to a transformative process consider this package. Creating a change or breaking a habit can take around 30 days, however building consistency and lifestyle to support that change often occurs around 60 days.

Blue Star Packages – 12 / 24 Week Coaching Packages


This tier also includes:

– Two emergency sessions (15 minute)

– Two email / text check-ins weekly

– Additional Sessions are $244/Hr for the duration of the package (12/24wks)

– Additional sessions are $222/Hr for the duration of the package (48wk pkg)

The most lasting changes occur with consistent action over 3 months. The 6 month package supports you during the shifting changes of your life and will continue to challenge you to keep growing while enjoying the ride!  

More Details

Transforming Patterns and Empowering Your Life’s Dreams – If you are ready to do a deep dive into your personal development then consider these packages.  The greater financial commitment will help hold you accountable to the choice to grow and do the work needed to achieve your dreams.  With more time the pace is often a bit softer and slower in these packages and transformational processes often occur at an even deeper level. 




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