Autogenic Training – A Great Way To Relieve PTSD Symptoms

Great Meditation to help relieve PTSD Symptoms!
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Autogenic Training helps reduce stress, and counteracts the fight or flight response. It teaches self-regulation of the autogenic nervous system, and it provides relief for a variety of chronic conditions.
CAUTIONS – the sustained practice of autogenics requires monitoring of medication levels for some conditions (heart disease and diabetes, for example); Strong memories may also be provoked.

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An UnQuiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison
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In her bestselling classic, An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison changed the way we think about moods and madness.

Dr. Jamison is one of the foremost authorities on manic-depressive (bipolar) illness; she has also experienced it firsthand. For even while she was pursuing her career in academic medicine, Jamison found herself succumbing to the same exhilarating highs and catastrophic depressions that afflicted many of her patients, as her disorder launched her into ruinous spending sprees, episodes of violence, and an attempted suicide.

Here Jamison examines bipolar illness from the dual perspectives of the healer and the healed, revealing both its terrors and the cruel allure that at times prompted her to resist taking medication. An Unquiet Mind is a memoir of enormous candor, vividness, and wisdom—a deeply powerful book that has both transformed and saved lives.