“Jacqui Lalita February 6 at 10:12 AM I’ll share with you a few examples of some foolish choices I’ve made in my days. I sold thousands of dollars of Amazon in 1999, which would be worth about $5million now 🤦🏻‍♀️. I lost tens of thousands of dollars in the stock market crash of 2000 and started over from scratch after working nonstop and saving from the time I was 14. I lost more tens of thousands in crypto currency and started over again. I spent years choosing relationships based on chemistry alone, and ending up with men who were misaligned for me. I put the needs of one man I was with before myself until the Universe sent me a traumatic wakeup call in the form of an inner ear nerve injury that has my ears still so sensitive to sound and ringing nonstop 5 years later.

I share these examples not to lament but to acknowledge that like most humans, I’m just figuring this life stuff out as I go, and occasionally fumbling along the way. For every obstacle on the path, I always seem to emerge stronger, clearer and more resilient, seeing every challenge and person on the journey as a teacher with something to learn from. And I swear that the ability to laugh at myself and find humor in the follies of life has been a precious resource for resiliency, enabling me to bounce back from grief, pain and setbacks, to rise again with a heart full of gratitude.

Playfullness and silliness have been great strengths and close friends can attest that even when in the trenches I can usually summon forth that deep bellied laughter and starry-eyed awe of the way Life’s grand theater can humble us. This Universe is really quite clever and just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, a humble pie can come out of left field to hit us in the face 🙂

When I find comedy in the blunders, I’m left with a tremendous amount of gratitude for ALL of it, and my focus then naturally turns to that which has gone so well…

You see, I’ve also made some wonderful choices in my days, like getting into yoga, meditation and a plant based lifestyle over 20 years ago, developing skill sets that could uplift and inspire others, becoming an herbalist and holistic health consultant and being able to help people heal themselves, unearthing my creative expression to bring joy, traveling the world and dancing across so many lands, studying languages and ancient wisdom traditions, finding radiant, amazing friends and creating community that is so loving and supportive, harnessing the law of attraction and ability to manifest my heart’s desires into form, and cuddling so many precious animals along the way.

If you find that you’re beating yourself up over past mistakes, let yourself off the hook and accept that you were doing the best you could with where you were in those moments,and you can simply take what you’ve learned and do better next time. Can you laugh at yourself when you’re taking yourself and all the stories so seriously?

Laughter truly is one of the great medicines of this Earth, proven to boost our immune systems, alleviate inflammation, improve relationships and release feel good endorphins. 😄”